Ending illiteracy starts with you

The Literacy Alliance strives to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and, in turn, for all of us. Illiteracy is more than a personal struggle. Its effects can be felt throughout our entire community. The problems of illiteracy reach everyone. Low employment, increased crime rates, and low student test scores are just some of the problems illiteracy brings. Take action to find out how you can help.


How can you help?

Since 1988, our community has generously supported adult literacy programs of The Literacy Alliance with caring volunteers and valuable financial gifts. As our programs grow to reach the 30,000 adults who do not have high school diplomas, our need for our community support will increase. Your gift can help us meet our goal of ending adult illiteracy.

Want to become a student?

Come to an intake, where adult learners hear about Literacy Alliance programs and the steps taken to help them reach their goals. To place students in classes, the adult learners take a reading skills assessment. The Literacy Alliance staff and volunteers meet with each student to select the class location that will fit their scheduling, transportation, and childcare needs.